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Mailer-Footer---EDITORDEAD EASY (2004)

The thriller Dead Easy stars Richard Grieco and Joanna Pacula as a married couple who are soon to face a series of difficult problems. The two engage in an escalating series of infidelities and mind games that could very well lead to their mutual destruction.






tsotsi poster

TSOTSI (2005)


Six days in the violent life of a young Johannesburg gang leader. Based on the novel by Athol Fugard. Directed by Gavin Hood. Winner Audience Award at Edinburgh Film Festival Winner People’s Choice Award at Toronto Film Festival Produced by UK Film & TV/ IDC / MOVIWORLD. Winner ACADEMY AWARD for BEST FOREIGN FILM 2006.




Finding Lenny PosterFINDING LENNY (2009)


On his 50th birthday, Lenny Vincent is fired from his job as a sports writer for a daily newspaper, his wife of 19 years leaves him for a much younger man and he and his best friend Dave are caught in a gang heist at a restaurant. He ends up being hi-jacked by the gang and dumped in a rural village. Here he befriends the local chief and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime; helping to reunite the chief’s warring sons, fighting a money grabbing property company from turning the chief’s land into a golf course, coaching the village soccer team and ultimately.. finding himself!






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