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Finding Lenny (2009)

“Everything happens for a reason” – on his 50th birthday, Lenny Vincent is fired from his job as a sports writer for a daily newspaper, his wife of 19 years leaves him for a much younger man and he and his best friend Dave are caught in a gang heist at a restaurant. He ends up being hi-jacked by the gang and dumped in a rural village. Here he befriends the local chief and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime; helping to reunite the chief’s warring sons, fighting a money grabbing property company from turning the chief’s land into a golf course, coaching the village soccer team and ultimately.. finding himself!


  • Finding Lenny Poster 2
  • Finding Lenny Poster
  • Lennie stills-73
  • Lennie week 1-42
  • Lennie week 1-123
  • Lennie week 1-182
  • Lennie week 1-184
  • Lennie week 1-222
  • Lennie week 1-248
  • Lennie week 1-306
  • Lennie week 1-346
  • Lennie week 1-405
  • Lennie week 1-445
  • Lennie week 1-524
  • Lennie week 1-542
  • Lennie week 1-558
  • Lennie week 1-598
  • Week 2-437
  • Week 2-573 copy

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